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Intersam olives
Trade & processing of olives Halkidiki

about us

Our company was founded in 1991 by Konstantinos Tsolmektsoglou & started its first steps in the processing of edible olives.

From then until today we continue in family business models, the processing and marketing of table olives of Halkidiki.

Purpose of our company
is the production, processing and distribution of a quality product, with natural processing, with respect to tradition and especially to the consumers who choose it.



The sorting of the olives is done with special care & the total quantity that the factory accepts for processing exceeds 1,500 tons of olives. The sizes of the fruits are separated by a sorter, the largest quantity is stored in tanks, with a special machine the olive stone is removed while also a significant number is processed as a crushed olive or as a castelvetrano. Finally, it is commercially available throughout the year.

A significant amount of olives is exported to neighboring countries such as Italy.

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